Freeform Five – No More Conversations (Mylo Remix)

Back to the dawning of the electro house movement is this little bomb of a remix from Mylo.  The remix actually proved far more popular than the original and even had a video made for the radio mix of it. The track has also been remixed by a ton of producers including Switch, Stanton Warriors, Alter Ego, Soul Mekanik, Fedde Le Grand & Mason.

No More Conversations (Mylo Remix) - No More Conversations - EP

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Primal Scream – Loaded

I’ve chosen an all time classic here from Primal Scream, which appears on their seminal 1991 album “Screamadelica“. The album has recently been re-released as a special 20th anniversary edition.  The track is such a nice happy choon, with a hip hop inspired beat, complete with some horns & piano, and some samples from an old Peter Fonda movie.  I’m not too sure when I first heard this.  It was definitely a long time after it was first released, but it’s stuck with me over the years.  I just love the sample ‘And we wanna get loaded
And we wanna have a good time’.  Chillax to this great song.

[audio|titles=Primal Scream – Loaded]
Loaded - Screamadelica - 20th Anniversary Edition

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Oscillate – State Of Mind

Going with a relatively unknown group from Norway here, with some experimental, industrial sounding beats, complete with some cool vocals. I have no idea how I came about this choon, but it rocks pretty hard, and the rest of the stuff I have from Oscillate is quite tasty also.  I couldn’t find much info about the group at all, but you can still buy their EP “Minor Triggers” on itunes. You can watch the video for the clip at

[audio|titles=Oscillate – State Of Mind]
State of Mind - Minor Triggers

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Fatboy Slim – Love Island

Going way back to one of my favourite tracks off Fatboys smash hit album “You’ve Come A Long Way Baby“, from 1998. The album is packed full of great songs, but ‘Love Island’ has long been a sentimental fave.

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Daft Punk – Da Funk

It’s about time that the legends of electronic music known as Daft Punk, were welcomed to Choon Of The Day.  I’m going with one of their early tracks here, with some ultra funky sounds, and one of the coolest music video‘s made in history. This track is timeless.  Daft Punk are pioneers of electronica, and their releases have always been ground-breaking. I’ve included the Chemical Brothers remix here, as I regard both artists as being a huge part of music history. Enjoy!

Original[audio|titles=Daft Punk – Da Funk]
Da Funk - Single - Daft Punk
Chemical Brothers Remix[audio|titles=Daft Punk – Da Funk (Chemical Brothers Remix)

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Soul Hooligan – Psychedelic Soul (Freestlyers Remix)

It is time for a tribute to the song that we once knew only as ‘grey skies’.  This choon had a religious following from the Liquid Lounge crew back in the day, and I still regard it as one of my favourite tracks ever.  This is funky, party time breakbeat bliss, complete with a monumental vocal sample that will leave you with a big smile on your face.  This was probably THE biggest choon search I have ever undertaken, spanning many years.  I only discovered it’s true identity last month, so I now present to you, Grey Skies, THE choon.

Freestylers Remix [audio|titles=Soul Hooligan – Psychedelic Soul (Freestlyers Remix)]



Soul Hooligan

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X-Press 2 – Smoke Machine (Koma & Bones Remix)

Back to some classic breaks with a rolling remix from Koma & Bones. I love the eerie sounding synth used in this, and the use of white noise layered over the beats.  This choon was massive for me in its hey day, and was probably my introduction to Koma & Bones, who have spat out some serious breaks bombs over the years. Highlight – 2 Tribes 2004, breaks room, when K&B brought the funk!

[audio|titles=X-Press 2 – Smoke Machine (Koma & Bones Remix)]

Smoke Machine (Koma Bones Mix) - Smoke Machine

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